The purpose of this study was to identify the pathogen responsable for the "Lentil Rust", and determine the most adequated fungicides to control it.
In the pathogen germination test. canied out in different nutritive media and temperatures, destiled water apperearecl was the best medium and the best temperature of germination was 12º C.
Urornyces fabae Pers D'By appeared as the causing fungi for the "Lentil Rust". The begining of blooming was the most susceptible lentil-plant stage for the attack of the pathogen.
In the Chemical Control test, the best products compared with the check were:
Wetable Sulphur, at the comercial dosis of 2%
Dithane Z-78, at the comercial of 2º/ºº
Niquel Nitrate, at the comercial dosis of 0,5 º/ºº
The tual was significant for 5 and 1%

Key words:

1 Ingeniero Agrónomo Fitopatólogo.

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