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Persimon (Diospyros kaki L.), a new host of Tylenchulus semipenetrans Cobb, in Chile

Héctor González R. 1

High populations (1,200 nematodes/250 g of soil and 500 nematodes/10 g of roots) of the citrus nematode were detected on 5 to 10 year-old persimon orchars, in Chile. These were associated to a minimum root growth, lack of secondary rootlets, internal necrosis and cortex separation. Root damage also induced minimum shoot growth, lack of vigor and low yield. This is the first mention of Tylenchulus semipenetrans Cobb, in Diospyros kaki L., in Chile.

Key words:

1 Estación Experimental La Platina (INIA), Casilla 439, Correo 3, Santiago, Chile.

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